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Get the story first. Thats our mission.


Our dedicated 'results orientated' team has the expertise to handle any brief from small 'day rate' style assignments to highly complex ongoing discreet tasks requiring specialised 'skill sets' in often sensitive and arduous environments. As the home of Australia's most experienced photojournalists, investigative journalists and videographers we offer an unrivalled outsourcing service providing optimum results within budget and timeframe for the most complex briefs.



Over 1 million + images

Matrix Pictures remains the dominant name in exclusive imagery, supplying local and international publishers be it digital or traditional print media with timely and unique rich content across a variety of interests. We pride ourself on being ’an agency built by photojournalists for photojournalists’ coupled with unrivalled industry 'know how' and backed by a wholly Australian owned and operated parent company with 25 years business experience. As a syndication partner Matrix offers a simple yet effective user experience with transparent and timely reporting, excellent communication, along with ongoing contributor support and feedback.   

An agency built by photographers for photographers

Image is


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Our highly experienced team of creatives works with every client or management company on a one to one basis to find the approach that is right for you. We control every step of the process from shoot concept and brief, selection of the appropriate photographer, location scouting, art direction, retouch and picture placement world wide. As part of the Matrix Media Group we have long standing relationships with newspaper and magazine picture desks, and can ensure the coverage your client needs in a controlled and protected environment.



The experts in aerial imagery from helicopter based photography to low altitude drone operations. With years of experience in news and commercial photography we specialise in capturing the story from above. Our skilled and licensed UAV pilots are ready for immediate deployment across Australia with no task too complex and no location too remote. 

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