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Matrix seamlessly integrates a ‘picture agency’, with a dedicated news division and creative studio into a multi media group to comprehensively meet the needs of the evolving media market. We've brought together Australia's leading photojournalists, press photographers, videographers and creatives and with over 15 years industry know how Matrix has quickly become the go to name for exclusive news and entertainment content.


Our leading picture agency MATRIXPICTURES is a primary supplier of Rights Managed celebrity, news and editorial imagery to Australia's top news outlets and magazine publishers while our 24/7 news division  MATRIXNEWS is always at the forefront of breaking news and developing stories. Coupled with a top end creative studio and with the latest edition to the Matrix family our MATRIXAIR division, we are an infotainment content agency without rival. 


We believe our success is contingent upon an appreciation of the needs of our contributors as much as those of our clients. As a nexus between content creators and end users we have developed a ’best practise’ approach to serving our clients and contributors with a level of stewardship rarely found in a small to medium business.


No agency drives engagement quite like we do with unmatched unique content production across a variety of entertainment genres coupled with our understanding of relevance and immediacy ensuring our content is newsworthy and first to press.

Always relevant. Always immediate.

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